Rooting for change: How to scale-up nature-based carbon-removal activities

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Rooting for change: How to scale-up nature-based carbon-removal activities

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To mitigate climate change, protect biodiversity and build resilience into ecosystems, many people point to the promise of nature-based solutions. This refers to ways to conserve, restore, or better manage the environment by removing CO2 from the atmosphere, such as through forest regrowth or the restoration of coastal wetlands. However, there are barriers to scaling up these solutions, notably a lack of awareness as to their effectiveness and how the system of carbon credits works.

  • How do nature-based solutions work in a variety of contexts, from agriculture and marine ecosystems to forestry? 
  • What is the role of carbon credits and how can programmes grow while ensuring high standards of quality? 
  • How can partnerships with local communities and stakeholders be further strengthened? 
  • And what role can technical innovations play so that nature-based solutions realise their fullest potential?

Moderated by Pratima Singh, Principal, Policy and Insights, Economist Impact

·       Zack Parisa, founder and chief executive, NCX

·       Adriana Vidal, chair, Global Partnership of Forest and Landscape Restoration and senior policy officer, Climate change, IUCN 

·       Tilmann Silber, Global lead, Thriving Nature, Barry Callebaut Group

·       Rita Hite, president and chief executive, American Forest Foundation

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