Webinar: What Can Mangroves do For You?

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Webinar: What Can Mangroves do For You?

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The Florest and Landscape Restoration invites you to celebrate International Day of Forests, their network anniversary and the incredible mangrove ecosystem on March 23rd. Partners from Ghana, Mozambique and Ecuador will share their experience in mangrove restoration and Community engagement for coastal conservation and improved livelihoods.  

The participants will be:

Vilma Machava (Mozambique): Mozambique Country Coordinator for Forest Service International Programs & Coastal Ecosystems Specialist.

Justice Camillus Mensah (Ghana): Spatial Analyst & Specialist in Use of GIS/Remote Sensing for Coastal Management.

Daniel Doku NII Nortey (Ghana): Project Manager for Ghanaian NGO Hen Mpoano & Mangrove and Fisheries Resources Specialist

Ana E. Ágreda de La Paz (Ecuador): Ornithologist and Lead Implementor of the Action Plan for the Conservation of Migratory Shorebirds in Ecuardor

You can also read more about mangroves on our website and the story of how a new mangrove planting model offered hope for sucessful restoration in Madagascar.

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