Ecosystem restoration in the Post 2020-Global Biodiversity Framework

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Ecosystem restoration in the Post 2020-Global Biodiversity Framework

There is a lot at stake at COP15: the post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF) should lead the world towards becoming nature-positive by 2030 and restoration of degraded ecosystems is crucial to reverse nature loss.  

The adoption of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021 - 2030 has created significant momentum and a global restoration movement, whereby the international community expects an ambitious, measurable, and equitable target on restoration in the post-2020 GBF. 

Despite these efforts and the present expectations to scale up implementation on the ground, there are still methodological, technical, and political issues that prevent finding an agreement for an ambitious Target on ecosystem restoration in the GBF that seem to relive the flaws that existed with its predecessor Aichi Target 15. This learning session aims at informing the restoration community about the contentious issues around the new Target 2 on ecosystem restoration and to discuss the science and the policy solutions that could be presented to the CBD Parties. 

Parties and stakeholders involved in ecosystem restoration will learn from the different issues related to the design of the next global Target 2 that have been discussed throughout the Open-Ended Working Group (OEWG) under the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework process. These issues impact the scope of the target and its level of ambition, raising concerns about the impacts that a restrained and possibly ineffective target would have on scaling up restoration globally. The session will provide science and arguments to be part of the discussion from now to December, promoting the exchange of views and motivating the participants to reach out to decision-makers and other key actors that are part of the post-2020 GBF process and propose options to ensure that restoration is appropriately considered. 

Agenda of the session

  • Welcoming remarks and overview of the objectives - Adriana Vidal, Senior Forest Policy Officer, IUCN
  • Presentation of the Post-2020 GBF and key issues under Target 2 - Barbara Bendandi, Global Coordinator Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, WWF  
  • Panel discussion with experts 
    • Dr Paul Leadley, Professor, Paris-Saclay University Future Earth / GEO-BON Ecosystem Brief coordinating author 
    • George Gann, International Policy Lead, Society for Ecological Restoration 
    • Bob Tansey, Senior Policy Advisor, China & Global Policy Lead, Degraded Lands and Restoration, The Nature Conservancy 
    • Dr Noelle Kumpel, Head of Policy, BirdLife International 
    • Cheng Zhuo, Ecosystem restoration monitoring consultant, FAO 
  • Facilitated Q&A from the audience - Barbara Bendandi
  • Key takeaways and next steps - Adriana Vidal

Register 10:00-11:30 CEThttps://bit.ly/3UrCiwr
Register 15:30-17:00 CEThttps://bit.ly/3DMlN8H

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