- Posted 22 September 2023

WWF arrives at the SER World Conference with more than thirty presentations to drive debate on forest landscape restoration around the world

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Global Partnership on Forest and Landscape Restoration
WWF arrives at the SER World Conference with more than thirty presentations to drive debate on forest landscape restoration around the world Photo credit: Harry Down

WWF, one of the partners of the Global Partnership on Forest Landscape Restoration, will have a fundamental role in the debate on the restoration agenda around the world during the SER2023 World Conference, between the 26th and 30th of September, in Darwin, Australia. The meeting has taken place since 2005 and reunites experts, organizations, and companies interested in sharing experiences in defending the recovery of damaged biomes in global scale. As a sponsor of the event, WWF has worked to contribute to the restoration agenda both in implementing actions and in formulating and supporting multistakeholder platforms and public policies. During the five-day event, WWF will collaborate to ensure that the field of forest landscape restoration continues to advance leading to high quality implementation. 

WWF programming will begin before the official opening date of The SER World Conference, on Sunday, September 24th. One of the highlights of this edition is a training course that will approach the construction of High Quality Forest and Landscape Restoration Practices that lead to resilient and sustainable landscapes which provide long-term benefits for people and nature. The event will have almost 70 participants at Room 7, from 8am to 4pm. 

During the five days, WWF will cover more than 30 presentations on diverse topics related to restoration, including social mobilization strategies, governance in restoration monitoring, and multissectorial alliances, both person and virtually. It will also count on allied organizations to discuss relevant themes, such as AFR100, which will present a session on September 28th, how to attract private sector investments to unlock smallholder producer’s access to sustainable finance for large scale implementation. 

Another highlight is the session that will exchange views about the GPFLR’s perspectives on opportunities and challenges in scaling up forest and landscape restoration. This event will take place on September 29th. Five themes will be exposed: the relevance of principles and standards to implementation of forest and landscape restoration; financing mechanisms for forest and landscape restoration; building a pathway for high quality FLR; measuring restoration success in tropical forests, and FSC certification and its role in forest restoration. 

On another level, experts will also bring local strategies to the debate for a global discussion, as is the case of the symposia “Governance in Restoration Monitoring: From Local to Global”, on September 28th. The meeting will address topics such as monitoring as tool to gain scale in the restoration of the Atlantic Forest; the Araticum Platform: restoration monitoring and Landscape Perspective for Regional Alliance in Brazilian Savanna; and “Restor How can a technology platform accelerate the global restoration movement?”. Other local-to-global activities, “The FLR in Africa Initiative” will address how enhancing landscape restoration implementation across Africa, and the “Growing a Nature-based solutions Forest and Landscape Restoration Partnership in S.E. Asia”, will share experiences about the region. 

The Conference 

More than 1000 participants from 80 countries will be at Darwin to share researches, and debate the main challenges of working with landscape restoration. More information about the conference, please visit 

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