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Global Partnership on Forest and Landscape Restoration
THE GPFLR PARTNERS ACTIONS AT COP28 photo credit: Anita Diederichsen

The United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP28, will be held between November 30th and December 12th, in Dubai, and the partners of the Global Partnership Landscape Restoration will be present to ensure that the debate on restoration is expanded and reaches new heights, proposing solutions and discussions on finance, biodiversity, and technological innovations to reach global restoration goals.

It is known that the world is experiencing a critical moment in climate issues, and therefore, it is necessary to think about actions that can mitigate the effects of global warming and save the planet’s biodiversity. The objective of COP28 is to advance these issues and show the importance of thinking about possible futures for the planet. In particular, the conference wants to promote climate change mitigation and adaptation, improve climate finance and facilitate cross-sector collaboration. From November 30th, representatives from almost 200 countries will meet to coordinate global climate actions, and GPFLR’s partners will be there to join their voices on this sensitive topic. 

Therefore, the GPFLR selected some events organized by our partners and others on the topic of restoration. Beginning on December 1st, UNECE will host “Carbon sponge city: Why cities can help solve our climate problems?”.The main question that shall to be answered during the event is: can cities of the future become major carbon sponges while still being the economic powerhouses? Featuring experts from around the world, this event invites to discuss how these materials could allow cities to significantly increase the carbon stock in their built environment.

Another highlight of the same day is the event ACT 30, co-hosted by IUCN and IIFB, which aims to bring reflections on how ACT 30 aims to achieve the ambitious global goal of conserving 30% of lands, freshwaters and oceans. On December 4th, it is TNC’s turn to bring the panel “COP 28: Action Agenda on Regenerative landscapes Meeting”.

Some of the panels you can also watch online. For example, the event Nature-based solutions to achieve Net-Zero Taregts: From Supply chains to carbon markets, hosted by IUCN, on December 2nd. The organization provided a link for that and others panels hosted by IUCN for so that anyone interested in learning more about the subject can watch it the panel, even if they are not in Dubai. Furthermore, on December 4th, it is TNC’s turn to bring the panel “COP 28: Action Agenda on Regenerative landscapes Meeting”.

On December 6th, the partners will have a busy day with several events, starting with Land Restoration in the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework, from CBD Secretariat and UNCCD secretariats the Republic of Azerbaijan which aimed at showcasing lessons learned and sharing best practices and experiences of the countries in Europe, Central Asia, and Caucasus to achieve LDN and GBS targets.

In addition, there is also the event Tree in dry cities: luxury of a fundamental climate and SDG solution? Hosted by UNECE and WGEO. The event wants to bring the question of whether trees can be a nature-based solution for dry and water-stressed cities. Another event in this COP28 is the panel Is Deforestation stoppable by 2030? Progress and Pathways, organized by WWF, on December 8th, which provides and updates on progress and pathways towards global forest goals, including the role of the Forest and Climate Leaders Partnership.

In the panel Nature first: from land to ocean, our best ally for climate change the organizations will showcase remarkable initiatives across land and ocean spearheaded by a multiplicity of non-state actors to reverse biodiversity decline by 2030, increase ecosystem and human resilience to climate change, and achieve a sustainable balance within planetary boundaries.

These and other events will play an important role at COP28 in progressing global forest and landscape restoration in the context of climate action rooted in science for a more sustainable and resilient future. See below the detailed events, date, time and venue: 

GPFLR at 28 
Date & Time Title Host Venue
01 December 1pm Carbon sponge City: Why cities can help solve our climate problems  UNECE and Finnish Ministry of Environment  Finland Pavilion
01 December 7pm  ACT 30 launch celebration IUCN  IUCN Pavilion (ground floor of Thematic Area 4:  Room TA4-135 in the Blue Zone)
02 December 12pm  Nature-based solutions to achieve Net-Zero Targets: from suply chains to carbon markets IUCN Secretariat and IUCN Comission for Ecosystem Management  IUCN Pavilion (ground floor of Thematic Area 4:  Room TA4-135 in the Blue Zone) 
03 December 4:45pm The role of Indigenous Peoples in restoring their ecosystems to adapt to climate change Representatives of member organization of International Alliance of Indigenous and Tribal Peoples SE Room 3
04 December  2pm Increasing the flow of financing to the Congo Basin forest WWF, COMIFAC & Climate Focus COMIFAC Pavillion (Blue Zone)
04 December  6pm Cop28: Action Agenda on Regenerative landscapes Meeting TNC Main stage (Blue Zone)
06 December  Land Restoration in the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework  CDB Secretariat  Azerbaijan Pavilion
06 December 2:30pm  Trees in dry cities: luxury of a fundamental climate and SDG solution?  UNECE and WGEO WGEO Pavilion (Blue Zone) 
06 December  3pm Innovative technologies in mitigation and land restoration: Finding solutions for accelerated uptake  WIPO, UNCCD, CTCN, UNIDO, FAO Brazil, Bangladesh and China SE Room 6 
06 December 5pm  Responsible Forest management: Private sector’s role in saving our forest and the road to Belém TNC UNGC Blue zone Pavilion
08 December 11:30am  Addressing biodiversity and climate change synergistically: Scaling up implementation for success CDB Secretariat  SE Room 6 
08 December 4:45pm Integrated Landscape Restoration Finance: Funding to Turn Local Action Into Broad Climate Resilience Commonland SE Room 7 
08 December  5pm Is Deforestation stoppable by 2030? Progress and Pathways WWF Panda Pavilion
09 December  2pm Empowering people, strengthening partnership: Improving ecosystem restoration to ensure climate-resilient future  UNEP Secretary General Convention on Wetlands UNEP Pavilion
09 December 6m30pm Reshaping our food systems: landscape  transformation for people, nature, and climate. Food & Agriculture Pavillion Commonland Food and Agriculture Pavilion
09 December 6:30pm The emerging role of nature in meeting NDCs: Recloaking Papatūānuku in Aotearoa New Zealand WWF Panda Pavilion
10 December 3:30pm Making good on promises: addressing forest footprints and investing in forest restoration WWF Panda Pavilion
10 December 6:30pm Investing in Haze-Free Sustainable Land Management in Southeast Asia  IFAD, Governments of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Global Environment Centre, ASEAN Secretariat  SE Room 3 (Blue Zone)
11 December 10:30am Moving nature up the climate agenda: How the UN system is working to link the #KMGBF with climate action in policy & implementation CDB Secretariat UNEP Pavilion
11 December 4:45PM Building Partnership in Promoting Public Health Trough Ecological Restoration What is a Stake Govt officials of Health, Environment, Nursing Councils, CSOs, NIMASA, politicians, Traditional Rulers, Women & youth, reps. Indigenous community leaders, WCEA NABHLUNOY, GADLYP, GMI WHO Academia SE Room 1
12 December 5:30pm  Forest Landscape Restoration: Climate Resilience in Eastem Himalaya Region IUCN IUCN Pavilion (ground floor of Thematic Area 4:  Room TA4-135 in the Blue Zone)

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