- Posted 1 December 2022

GPFLR Partners at COP15 next week

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GPFLR Partners at COP15 next week Andrew Svk

The 15th Conference of the Parties (COP15) to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), is going to be held in Montreal, Canada, from December 7-19. In this period of time, governments and participants from all around the world will set out new goals and discuss a new set of pro-nature goals for the next decade. Members of the Global Partnership on Forest and Landscape Restoration (GPFLR) will actively participate in negotiations and events, including the sides events below. 

See below the details about the presence of the members in COP15.

GPFLR PARTNERS AT COP 28 Coluna1 Coluna2 Coluna3
Date & Time Title Host Venue
01 December 1pm Carbon sponge City: Why cities can help solve our climate problems  UNECE and Finnish Ministry of Environment  Finland Pavilion
01 December 7pm  ACT 30 launch celebration IUCN  IUCN Pavilion (ground floor of Thematic Area 4:  Room TA4-135 in the Blue Zone)
02 December 12pm  Nature-based solutions to achieve Net-Zero Targets: from spply chains to carbon markets IUCN Secretariat and IUCN Comission for Ecosystem Management  IUCN Pavilion (ground floor of Thematic Area 4:  Room TA4-135 in the Blue Zone) 
03 December 4:45pm The role of Indigenous Peoples in restoring their ecosystems to adapt to climate change Representatives of member organization of International Alliance of Indigenous and Tribal Peoples SE Room 3
04 December  6pm Cop28: Action Agenda on Regenerative landscapes Meeting TNC Main stage (Blue Zone)
06 December  Land Restoration in the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework  CDB Secretariat  Azerbaijan Pavilion
06 December 2:30pm  Trees in dry cities: luxury of a fundamental climate and SDG solution?  UNECE and WGEO WGEO Pavilion (Blue Zone) 
06 December  3pm Innovative technologies in mitigation and land restoration: Finding solutions for accelerated uptake  WIPO, UNCCD, CTCN, UNIDO, FAO Brazil, Bangladesh and China SE Room 6 
06 December 5pm  Responsible Forest management: Private sector’s role in saving our forest and the road to Belém TNC UNGC Blue zone Pavilion
08 December 11:30am  Addressing biodiversity and climate change synergistically: Scaling up implementation for success CDB Secretariat  SE Room 6 
08 December Integrated Landscape Restoration Finance: Funding to Turn Local Action Into Broad Climate Resilience Representatives of the EU Commission, Landscape initiatives, Work Bank.   

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